About us

We are convinced that today's marketing decision-makers are faced with the challenge of managing their brand locally and effectively. We would like to be an indispensable partner for the successful local brand management for the best brands in europe. For years, we have constantly been making local brand management easier. Thus, we are opening up new options in local brand management for marketing decision-makers by making the "sales partner" communications channel accessible, manageable and successful.

marcapo Facts


trainers look after the marcapo trainees.


baskets of fruit are eaten by our staff each year.


we started to operate as “marcapo”.


members of staff make up the marcapo team.


kg of food is barbecued at our summer party.


orders a year go through the marcapo marketing portals.


sales partners work with a marcapo marketing portal.


suppliers support marcapo.


Thomas Ötinger

Executive Partner

Family status: Married, 3 children
Training: Graduate commercial computer scientist from Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg

Thomas Ötinger is the contact and responsible for the areas New Business and Support. His special fields are insurance companies, commerce, healthcare, the crafts and marketing towards sales partners. Furthermore, Thomas Ötinger is author of specialist books, blog posts, speaker on specialist topics from the field of local brand management and certified professional positioning specialist. 

Marc-Stephan Vogt

Executive Partner

Family status: Married, 2 children
Training: Business studies graduate from Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg

Marc-Stephan Vogt is responsible for finance and personnel. The crafts are his specialist field. Furthermore, Marc-Stephan Volgt is author of specialist books and speaker on specialist topics from the field of local brand management.

Christian Schwarzenberger marcapo

Christian Schwarzenberger

Executive Partner

Family status: Married, 2 children

Training: Graduate commercial computer scientist from Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg

Christian Schwarzenberger is the responsible contact for the development of the marketing portal, technology, IT, infrastructure and company processes.

Our values


pioneering spirit

We have the courage and are motivate to set out on new paths and to further our development. We think and act flexibly, and learn something new every day. We use our experience for optimisation and innovation to benefit our customers and to add to the success of our business.



We believe in what we do. If we make an appointment, we keep it and we use our expertise and experience to provide our customers with consultation and support. This reliability characterises what we do and generates trust in the day-to-day collaboration.



Authenticity and honesty prevail in our communication with colleagues, customers and partners. With clear and comprehensible statement, we make the day-to-day collaboration easier for all concerned and are thus also able to master new challenges.



With our experience and expertise, we achieve measurable successes and lucrative added value for our customers. We reach that goal thanks to our constant dedication and structured way of working.



We understand brands, markets and people, and the relationships between them. As active networkers within this system, we generate enthusiasm and support our partners in achieving their own and our common goals.



Our business model is based on proximity to the people we work with. The fact that we enjoy what we do generates a friendly and informal atmosphere. Our down-to-earth attitude, flat hierarchies as well as our short, direct communication pathways help us there.