7 steps to successful brand management

What if your sales partners actively advertised for your brand - and even bore the majority of the costs? The tried and tested ELM method from marcapo makes just that possible. Seven service components provide all you need for successful local brand management.

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    1. positioning

    marcapo has been advising the marketing services of leading manufacturers for over 15 years. In that time we have learnt: Most service offerings lack clear positioning. They are completely interchangeable. They are only there because others have them too. What is the worst thing about these “me-too” offers? The services are not being picked up. They are hardly being used by the sales partners. Not even expensive advertising campaigns and elaborate marketing events change that fact. We have searched for a solution to this problem for a long time. In the end, we found it in the energy-resonance positioning by Europe’s leading expert Peter Sawtschenko.

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    2. marketing portal & functions

    The marcapo marketing portals are the mainstay of successful local brand management. In this way, you and your sales partners have access to unlimited local advertising options. With 7,000 measures and over 40 media channels, we ensure that your advertising reaches the final customer quickly, at a reasonable price and CD-compliant. Particularly easy to operate, your sales partners will love using your marketing portal often. Furthermore we are the only provider in the sector to provide numerous services to activate your sales partners. In this way, you can be certain that your portal will have a positive effect on the motivation of your partners and the sales of your brand.

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    3. advertising measures & design

    The content is what matters: That is particularly true for your marketing portal. Therefore we are pleased to support you in the development of sales-boosting advertising measures for your marketing service. Here you can fully rely on our years of experience. Whether it’s about the Christmas business or club marketing: our innovative methods such as the “House of local brands” ensure that you always have the right advertising measures for your sales partners in your portal.

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    4. marketing & activation

    What characterises a really good marketing service? A comprehensive advertising portfolio is only half the story. It is vital that your sales partners make regular use of the measures. You must not leave anything to chance here so that your marketing portal does not “gather dust.”

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    5. partner support & development

    Strong and loyal sales partners are the biggest asset for your brand. But, in the broad mass, how do you find those who share your brand values unreservedly and stand up for them with full commitment locally.

    We identify which sales partners really have potential. Then we transform those partners into committed ambassadors for your brand. That brings you several advantages at once: Local brand ambassadors are proud to represent your brand locally, make use of your advertising measures as a matter of course and only require a minimum of activation.

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    6. fulfilment & supplier management

    Reduce advertising spending, cut the transaction costs by up to 90 per cent, save personnel resources while at the same time significantly increasing sales in the local markets. Does that sound too good to be true? With marcapo, just that is possible! At marcapo you receive active support from a large team with years of experience in purchasing, implementing and executing advertising measures. Furthermore, you have access to a pool of over 140 certified suppliers. That ensures significant savings for you with regard to local advertising measures.

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    7. strategic & operative consultation

    Does that sound familiar? At the start of a new marketing project motivation runs high, everything goes well to start with, but then things start to falter. With marcapo, “dust gathering” marketing portals, dissatisfied sales partners, ineffective measures and pointless advertising statements become a thing of the past.

  • marcapo erfolgsgarantie
    only available here: The marcapo success guarantee

    With the ELM method, you can be certain that your marketing service will be a complete success. Your sales partners actively advertise your brand, your measures reach final customers all over Europe and your turnover increases. We even guarantee you that.

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